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watch name Cyma
Range of watches quartz , mechanical
Our repair charge information We are able to Service and repair this brand and fit battery and reseal where required.
We are are able to obtain or genuine parts or sometimes we can fit generic replacement parts
For straps, bracelets and rotating bezel replacement only I suggest you contact importer direct - address below
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History and info
Since 1862 Cyma has satisfied the appetites of its demanding European clientele. Long the choice of royalty and the rich and famous on three continents, each scientifically precise Cyma timepiece is more than just a way to tell time…it is a work of art.

Now, through an exclusive arrangement with Switzerland, Cyma is available in the United States. There are currently more than 800 jewelers approved to represent the Cyma line. To find the Cyma dealer nearest you just click here. All masterworks of accuracy and design Cyma timepieces are remarkably thin and super water resistant to 100 ft




Importers address or agency
There are over 800 authorized Cyma jewelers in the United States. To find a Cyma Dealer nearest you fill out the form below or call